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Teeth naturally yellow and discolour over the years, but staining is made worse by such things as smoking, tea, coffee and red wine. Tooth Whitening, carried out at home using our custom-made flexible trays and gel, gently removes stains leaving your teeth cleaner and brighter, so you can look years younger when you smile.


In the first place, impressions of the patient’s lower and upper teeth are taken, and then these are forwarded to the laboratory technician, who in turn casts up specially made bleaching trays. On your next visit, these trays as well as the whitening gel including complete written directions are handed over to the patient. In the night, after you pour the whitening solution into the tray, just fit them into the mouth and carry on with your regular pursuits or go to bed. The process is quick and risk-free. In just under five days, you can notice the difference.

Cosmetic whitening is a similar, far less invasive and a reliable means to a smile that is simply stunning.

How much whiter will my teeth look?

This varies from individual to individual, and also depends on the type of whitening system used. Some people respond very well to teeth whitening and have dramatically whiter teeth as a result, whereas others may notice very little difference at all. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the likely results given your teeth.

Does it hurt? What are the side effects of teeth whitening?

Some people experience no pain or sensitivity with their teeth. However, the majority of people will experience some kind of sensitivity either during and/or after the initial treatment. This is usually described by patients as sporadic, sharp shooting pains coming from their teeth. This should settle down after approximately 48 hours though. Your dentist may give you a special gel or mousse to apply to your teeth to help with the sensitivity. It is advisable to avoid hot or cold food and drinks within the first 48 hours of your whitening treatment.

The price for our take home kit system is £321

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