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Gum disease is the most common ailment to affect people with approximately 80% of all adults believed to suffer from some form or other. It is defined as inflammation of the tissue that support the teeth. Over a period of time this inflammation causes the gums to recede and can cause pockets to develop between the teeth and gums. Bacteria can accumulate inside these pockets and accelerate the disease process. Diseased or inflamed gums bleed when they are brushed or flossed.

In its early stages gum disease is called gingivitis, however once more advanced and when the inflammation reaches the bone it is known as periodontitis. If untreated this can eventually result in tooth loss however with early diagnosis and treatment, it is possible to arrest gum disease and maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry dedicated to treating gum disease. At Elliott McCarthy Dental Care our experienced and highly skilled periodontal team are able to offer gum health screening to enable early detection of gum disease and provide an appropriate care programme.

Halitosis, or bad breath as it is commonly known, is thought to affect up to 50% of the population. Friends, family and work colleagues do not always feel comfortable addressing the problem and for those that suffer from bad breath, it can negatively impact on confidence and the ability to interact at home and at work.

Bad breath is largely a result of bacteria which inhabits on the surface of the tongue but can also be a side effect of gum disease. In either case it can be treated.

But the dentist usually polishes my teeth?

If you are used to having a scale and polish with your dentist you will know that this usually takes only a few minutes. Out skilled team of dental hygienists will spend 20 minutes or more on thoroughly cleaning and scaling your teeth. Additionally you will receive in-depth individual advice. This is because the treatment of gum disease, once it is established, takes more time. If the disease is quite advanced or if you have large amounts of plaque or tartar you need multiple hygiene visits.

How often should I visit a hygienist?

There is no set period for hygiene treatment as every patient has different needs. Recall frequencies are tailored to personal requirements. For example, in the case of advanced gum disease you may need a course of treatment consisting of six visits over three months, followed by visits every three months. Alternatively, if you have a healthy mouth, the recommended recall period could range from three to six monthly intervals.

Cosmetic Stain Removal

Are you concerned about stains on your teeth? These  maybe caused by drinking tea, coffee or red wine or by smoking. Do you have special event coming up such as a wedding, birthday or just a night out? Well you may be interested to know that our skilled hygiene team offer a treatment which can really help remove simple tooth staining and give you a fresher, brighter smile. And now it is available without the need to see a dentist first!

Our Cosmetic Stain Removal treatment has been available at the Practice for many years and numerous patients have benefited from receiving it from our hygiene team, but this could only be done after it was prescribed by a dentist. Due to a change in legislation, however, this is no longer the case and so if you have staining on your teeth and would like to get it removed then you can now book in with any of our skilled dental hygienist 'directly' for Cosmetic Stain Removal.

An initial Cosmetic Stain Removal appointment starts at only £66.50 and with early morning, evening and weekend appointments available we are sure that even if you lead a busy lifestyle we will be able to offer this treatment at a time to suit you. To book your appointment call 01429 863356

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