I think dental implants maybe for me…what do I do next?

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Posted on: August 4, 2014 13:40

So you have missing teeth or loose fitting dentures and you have heard that dental implants maybe the solution. You want to know more but what do you do next?

To recap a dental implant is a titanium metal screw which acts like the roots of teeth and after being fitted crowns or dentures can be attached to them to create natural looking teeth. Not surprisingly we are seeing more and more patients asking about them, but prior to doing so we are keen to ensure that they are aware of what the process involved. Dental implants are not a ‘fit and forget’ treatment option and require an investment of the patients’ time and money. As such we like to make sure the patient fully understands what is involved.

At Elliott McCarthy Dental Care we have designed the following process to help achieve this, so if you are wondering if dental implants are for you then read on…

Step 1 –Arrange a FREE cosmetic consultations
This is a no obligation free consultation with our Treatment Co-Ordinator (TCO). At this consultation the TCO will try and understand your concerns and why you wish to seek a solution. The TCO will happily talk about the range of options that maybe open to you, what they generally involve and give an indication of timeframes and investment options. It also gives you the option of being able to familiarise yourself with the practice and the team members.
The consultation typically last about 30 minutes and is held in a private consultation room, and remember that this consultation is FREE.
To arrange your FREE cosmetic consultation at a mutually convenient time call 01429 863356 or email tco@elliottmccarthy.com
After the consultation the TCO is available to answer any further questions and if you decide that the treatment option is not for you then you need do no more…however if you would like to proceed with dental implants then the next step is…
Step 2 – Implant Assessment
This will be arranged with one of our Principal Dentists (Helen Elliott or Pauline McCarthy) at a mutually convenient time (remember our private appointments include early morning and evenings) and will last approximately 40 minutes. The cost of this assessment is £180 – however during August we are offering £50 off this – full terms and conditions can be found by clicking here.
At this assessment, the dentist will assess the suitability of your mouth for dental implants. An implant clinical examination, full mouth X-ray and impressions for study models will all be undertaken to allow a treatment plan to be made. We can give you an outline of treatment times and investment required.
If, after this assessment, you are deemed to be suitable for dental implants, and more importantly after receiving the range of options, times and investment you wish proceed the next step is….
Step 3 – Review with our Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
So, you’ve met with our Treatment Co-Ordinator and one of our Principal dentist and you’ve decided that dental implants are for you. The final step is a 30 minute review meeting with Rob Banks, our Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and who has over 20 years’ experience in placing implants. As Rob is the person who places the implants, he will wish to review the recommendations outlined in Step 2 and agree with how many implants will be placed.

Image showing a dental implant with a fixed bridge abutment

Image showing a dental implant with a fixed bridge abutment

There is no additional charge for this step and assuming that Rob cannot see any reason why you are not suitable for implants then the next step is to finalise the treatment plan, investment options and start making the necessary appointments for the implants to be fitted.
We believe that the above process is necessary to ensure that you have the best opportunity to understand if dental implants are the best solution to the problem and that you have plenty of time to understand the process and ask questions. So, after reading this, you feel you would like to know more either call 01429 863356 or email tco@elliottmccarthy.com and start the process.

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