How do we measure if your oral hygiene is improving?

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Posted on: October 10, 2014 14:14

As you are hopefully aware we are passionate in ensuring that our patients’ oral health is as it should be. We regularly suggest techniques to improve or maintain good oral health whilst recommending that you seem our skilled hygiene team. But how do we measure if visiting our hygienist is making a difference? Well at Elliott McCarthy we have access to a Florida Probe©. In short this is a piece of equipment which allows our team to accurately measure a range of key areas such as the amount of plaque, bleeding gums, pocket depth and recession around teeth and gums. As a broad rule the less of all of these the better the situation!

As with most thing the best way of explaining this is by using pictures – another reason why we, and our patients, like the Florida Probe©.

In this article we have included two Florida Probe© charts – from when this patient first started seeing our hygiene team, and the result at the end of the hygiene treatment plan – which in this instance involved six appointments spread across 3 ½ months. The key thing to see is the significant reduction in the number of red on the 2nd chart.

The results were quite startling – including a reduction in bleeding from 93% of gums to just 1%, and teeth with plaque reducing from 27 to 3. The patient themselves was aware that their mouth felt much better, whilst another significant benefit, and one which may not appear to be linked but is, was that the patient, who suffers from diabetes noted that their blood glucose levels were lower and more consistent!

Whilst we predominantly use the florida probe© on patients who have the more prevalent cases of gum disease we do find that its use helps motivate the patient to maintain good levels of oral care outside of their time at the practice – a key requirement to achieve the desired results.

If your gums bleed or you would like to improve your oral health then don’t hesitate to call us on 01429 863356 and don’t forget that with Direct Access you can now access our skilled hygiene team without the need to see the dentist first.

A Florida Probe chart before the patient commenced extensive hygiene treatment

A Florida Probe chart before the patient commenced extensive hygiene treatment

and the chart after completing the treatment

and the chart after completing the treatment

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