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Sleepless in Seattle…but worth it!

Last week our two Principal dentists, Helen Elliott & Pauline McCarthy, travelled 4,581 miles (as the crow flies)to attend a week-long training course at the World renowned Kois Center, in Seattle. This curriculum of the course is built upon Dr. […]

How do we measure if your oral hygiene is improving?

As you are hopefully aware we are passionate in ensuring that our patients’ oral health is as it should be. We regularly suggest techniques to improve or maintain good oral health whilst recommending that you seem our skilled hygiene team. […]

Dental Implants…(four) pictures paint a thousand words!

We appreciate that the process of having a dental implant can be quite confusing, but as they say pictures paint a thousand words, so we thought we would share with you these four photographs. These were taken of one of […]

Do you grind your teeth…you are not alone!

Teeth grinding can be caused by stress and anxiety, it often occurs during sleep and can be caused by an abnormal bite or missing teeth. You may not even know you’re grinding your teeth as grinding often occurs during sleep, […]

I think dental implants maybe for me…what do I do next?

So you have missing teeth or loose fitting dentures and you have heard that dental implants maybe the solution. You want to know more but what do you do next? To recap a dental implant is a titanium metal screw […]

Stains on your teeth that you can’t get rid of? APT maybe the solution!

We see a number of patients that have staining on their teeth – in most cases these are caused by ‘lifestyle’ choices – be that that they drink coffee or red wine, or maybe smoke. As such stains are on […]

Everything you wanted to know about Botox® treatments but were afraid to ask!

                With our March promotion offering 10% of our range of facial aesthetics our latest blogs gives some common Q&A about one of our wrinkle reduction treatments – Botulinum Toxin. An option for […]

Cosmetic Stain Removal – now available without having to see a dentist!

Are you concerned about stains on your teeth? These  maybe caused by drinking tea, coffee or red wine or by smoking. Do you have special event coming up such as a wedding, birthday or just a night out? Well you […]

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